John Rodriguez

Photography & Web Design





Product photography session: $20 per item for a minimum of 10 items and objects less than 25 lbs.
This includes:
♦ 5 images
♦ Cleaned and white background on one image only.
♦ resized for the website of your choice ie: 1stdibs, RubyLux, Rubylane, etc.

My estimates are for non-reflective product from a single angle on a white background using a typical product lighting setup. Some products require more time to photograph than others. Any product with a highly reflective surface, like silver, jewelry, or any clear product like glassware or framed print or artwork with glass in it requires special lighting techniques and angles and will often take significantly more time to photograph than typical products.

Please note that each product photography session is different and it's difficult to provide an accurate estimate for the amount of products that will be photographed for each session. Especially when the products needed to be cleaned from dust or silver that needs polishing due to oxidation or finger prints. These will show on the photograph and cleaning it in post production will take longer than cleaning them physically. The time to carry the products to the photography table is also a factor.

To schedule a session or questions please call telephone number (929) 302-1516